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Dr George Beaton | PartnerExperience

‘George Beaton is experienced, intelligent and wise. His advice always contains great insight.’

David Maister - Author of Managing the Professional Service Firm

For more than 25 years, George has advised clients on a wide variety of corporate and business strategy decisions.

Today his practice is focused on an eclectic mix of advisory assignments for professional services firms in Australia and throughout Asia. His advisory work in the private and public sectors, including corporates, universities and governments, combined with years of teaching in the Melbourne Business School give him deep insights into the challenges and opportunities that leaders face in intensely competitive and globalising environments.

George also serves as executive chairman of Beaton Research + Consulting.

George has authored two books on the legal services industry:

NewLaw New Rules – A Conversation About the Future of the Legal Services Industry in 2013, and 

Remaking Law Firms: Why & How with Dr Imme Kaschner in 2016.

George’s experience includes senior leadership roles in consulting, communications and marketing research firms, and professorships in leading universities in Australia and South Africa. His qualifications are PhD, MBBCh, MBA and GAICD. He is an author and global commentator on professional services and contemporary interpretations of professionalism. His opinions appear regularly in the business and social media.