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Bigger. Better. Both?

  • 30 April, 2014

    Why the state of American BigLaw firms is relevant in Australia

    . Law. Strategy

    The American Lawyer has released its annual AMLAW 100 Report for 2014. These facts are of more than passing interest to BigLaw(1) firms in Australia – and elsewhere, so it’s timely to ask why the state of American BigLaw firms is relevant in Australia.

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  • 23 April, 2014

    Two hard questions about law firms’ fee strategies

    . beatonbenchmarks. Law. Strategy

    When sorrows come, they come not single spies But in battalions. —King Claudius, Hamlet: Act 4, Scene 5 When an industry reaches life cycle maturity, it seems to many of the incumbent firms that their sorrows do indeed come in battalions. Recent Beaton research sheds fresh light on the underlying causes and provides cogent reasons for […]

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  • 14 April, 2014

    Limitless? Big Four strategic moves in consulting

    . Accounting. beatonbenchmarks. Management consulting. Mergers & Acquisitions. Strategy

    “Single cell organisms are not born to evolve they are meant to thrive in their existing environment; multicellular organisms mutate to evolve to survive in the changing environment.” Clayton Christensen at the 2013 Business Influentials Seminar in Melbourne The recent acquisition of Booz & Company by PwC marks another monumental move by the Big Four […]

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  • 11 April, 2014

    NewLaw down under

    . beatonbenchmarks. Law. LPO. Other professional services. Strategy

    “I come from a land down under Where beer does flow and men chunder Can’t you hear, can’t you hear the thunder? You better run, you better take cover.“ Men at Work, Down Under, 1981 These lyrics from Men at Work’s hit single propelled the Australian act into international stardom in the 1980s. Since the […]

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  • 7 April, 2014

    20 questions to test your resolve: Do you really want to sell your firm?

    . Accounting. Consulting engineering. Engineering. Law. Management consulting. Mergers & Acquisitions. Strategy

    I was asked recently to jot down some bullet points on the process to sell a firm, as if it is that straightforward. What resulted was a series of pointed questions to test the vendor’s resolve and honesty. Have a go for yourself…

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