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Bigger. Better. Both?

  • 31 March, 2014

    Let’s face it, big professional services firms are difficult to tell apart

    . Accounting. Asia. Consulting engineering. Law. Other professional services. Strategy

    My colleague George Beaton recently blogged on the subject of “Crofting” as a metaphor for how to differentiate a professional services firm. Patrick McKenna of Canada commented and included a link to his Six Elements of Meaningful Differentiation article. This all got me thinking. As the former head of two international law firms in the […]

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  • 27 March, 2014

    Selling professional services: Damned if you do – Damned if you don’t

    . Accounting. beatonbenchmarks. Consulting engineering. Engineering. Law. Management consulting. Other professional services. Strategy

    Selling professional services has never been harder. Competitive intensity is increasing within and amongst the professions, especially law and accountancy. The winners are focusing on delivering great client service experience – the losers are focusing on sales. Now read on.

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  • 6 March, 2014

    Why crofting is so important to owners of professional services firms

    . Strategy

    ‘Why crofting is so important to professional services firms’ is neither a spoof nor a piece of trivia. Crofting is used as metaphor to convey to law and other professional services firms what Ted Levitt wrote about more than 30 years ago in Harvard Business Review in his classic ‘Marketing Success Through Differentiation—of Anything‘.

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  • 4 March, 2014

    The rise of LSO to change the shape of traditional law firms

    . Law. LPO. Strategy

    It’s now clear that the rise of LSO (legal services outsourcing) has the potential to change the shape and business model of the traditional law firm; a new book has predicted. And the same is true for in-house legal departments.

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