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18 December, 2013

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NewLaw New RulesA conversation about the future of the legal services industry breaks new ground. NewLaw New Rules is a new e-book curated by Dr George Beaton drawing on 35 contributors, representing many of the biggest names in the global legal services industry.

Professor Richard Susskind OBE writes in the Foreword “Never, in the history of the legal blogosphere, have so many innovators, disruptors, gurus, and rebels assembled in one shared space. George Beaton is to be wNewLaw New Rules coverarmly congratulated for hosting and generating such a lively and informed conversation about tomorrow’s law firms. In the best spirit of peer production, with echoes too of rapid-fire Socratic exchange, the contributors have co-created an e-book that asks and to a large extent answers the key strategic questions that all law firm leaders must now be invited to address. This is mandatory reading for anyone who is interested in legal businesses of the future.”

NewLaw New Rules is now available as an e-book

Published by Beaton Capital, NewLaw New Rules shows how trends in industry structure and clients buying behaviour are changing the legal landscape – and in doing so creating opportunities for a new category of legal services provider and also challenging law firms based on the traditional business model.

NewLaw New Rules – A conversation about the future of the legal services industry is available at
·      Amazon-NewLaw New Rules and
·      Smashwords-NewLaw New Rules
with additional online stores to follow. On the Smashwords platform, the book is available in .epub (format for Mac/Apple devices), .mobi (format for Kindle devices) and as a PDF.

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This post was written by George Beaton, a director of Beaton Capital and Beaton Research + Consulting. George is also at Google+ as +George Beaton.

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