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  • 'Independence' means freedom from external control. The partners own Beaton Capital. Strategic and financial advice is our only business.

  • 'Focus' means concentrated energy and sharpness of vision. Beaton Capital specialises in what we know best, professional services.

  • 'Experience' means knowledge accumulated from many years of participation and observation. The partners of Beaton Capital have worked in the professions since the 1980s.

  • 'Excellence' means the highest quality. The partners and staff of Beaton Capital aim to be world class in everything we do.

‘Beaton Capital has the intellectual rigour and depth of experience to mark it out as a global leader in providing independent, focused advice to professional services firms. Very few others even come close.’

Professor Stephen Mayson - Author of Law Firm Strategy


Beaton Capital is a leading independent corporate advisory firm operating in Australia and Asia providing strategic and financial advice to our clients.

We specialise in advising professional service firms on:

      • Strategy
      • Mergers and acquisitions
      • Owners’ exits and divestments
      • Balance sheet and capital optimisation
      • Governance.

      Our knowledge and expertise come from a combination of our professional careers, our extensive involvement in advising leading legal, accounting, financial, engineering and other professional services including healthcare and the rich research undertaken by ourselves and by our sister company, Beaton Research + Consulting.

      As a Beaton company, we are widely trusted with a legacy of more than 25 years’ work among professional service firms, professional faculties of leading universities and professional associations.

      We do not divulge the names of our clients, past or present.

      We undertake our work from our offices in Brisbane, Hong Kong, Melbourne and Sydney.

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